Refugee Fundraiser

Thank you to all who attended the benefit evening held Wednesday January 20 at Brodeur’s Bistro in Abbotsford.

We are honoured by the strong support shown in helping raise funds for a new refugee family starting out in our community. Thanks again!

[text_box fontSize=”20px” fontStyle=”bold” lineHeight=”1.6em” margins=”11″ padding=”10″ roundAll=”5″ borderColor=”#000000″ borderThickness=”2″ text_id=”text-id-8684″]If by chance you missed the event and would like to send your support or contribution, please visit this website. [button size=”medium” align=”right” link=”” linkTarget=”_blank” icon=”ti-arrow-right” icon_color=”#ffffff” rounded=”true” shadowType=”shadow-bottom-right”]Click Here[/button] [/text_box]